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  • brandonofmoore
    @eloyespejoart , it’s called KeyForge: Call of the Archons. - 13 days ago
  • eloyespejoart
    name of the game? - 13 days ago
  • brandonofmoore
    @theenglishphan That's true. There are a log of card games I like am into like KeyForge, Transformers TCG, Magic The Gathering. They are on my favorites list, but my alltime top ones are no-longer in print, Magi-Nation, and Marvels VS System. - 30 days ago
  • theenglishphan
    What is your all time favorite card game? I imagine you've played maybe 60 or so, right? You were always at it even in the late 90s when I met you. - 1 month ago
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