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  • _natalia_belen_castro_15
    Let Chile enter @killadamente , she does not deserve to be denied entry to that country, besides spending and saving all her money to go to Chile, nor do they deserve to have an airline because of how bad they are, if I out to Chile would be to denounce them of how bad they do (deny entry to a person) @aircanada .... I hate to hurt others @aircanada. - 3 months ago
  • _natalia_belen_castro_15
    Dejen entrar a @killadamente a Chile.....................................................................................PARA:@aircanada . - 3 months ago
  • crazyfab
    How about being on time on a regular basis? There’s a 50% chance my flight will be delayed when I fly AirCanada. Flight was supposed to depart at 12:05pm. It’s 1:04pm and we haven’t even started boarding. And if you dare ask someone for an update they’ll talk to you as if we are the one causing all this inconvenience..... - 4 months ago
  • saidaboudribila
    - 4 months ago
  • carmenzenit
    Es la peor compañía aérea con la que he viajado nos dejaron tirados en el aeropuerto de Toronto sin información y sin equipaje y no pudimos llegar a Nueva York hasta un día más tarde les reclamó la indemnización a la que por ley tenemos derecho mi marido y yo y después de tres meses siguen sin hacerla efectiva - 4 months ago
  • donmarquitox
    @aircanada is the worst airline ever...they lost my bag...refuse to give you a time frame for delivery or a phone number for the delivery service so I could coordinate with them...it is absolutely asinine...then they lied about attempting to deliver it...and now are telling me to drive to NJ from Brooklyn to pick up the bag....their customer service is absolutely horrible...they are like lifeless robots that could care less...I will do everything in my power to never fly air canada again and tell everyone to do the same - 4 months ago
  • husky_cheater
    The moment the flight attendant said to a lady next me “I will pick up the garbage when I want, you don’t have to yell”, I know @aircanada is not for human - 4 months ago
  • amy_nata
    Quel mauvais service à la clientèle. Bon courage pour obtenir un remboursement de votre billet d’avion lorsque votre vol est annulé... On vous trimbale entre les différents numéros de service à la clientèle pour que vous vous épuisiez et que vous laissiez tomber votre. C’est tout simplement inadmissible. - 4 months ago
  • amorina_maiorano
    Estafan a los pasajeros - 4 months ago
  • amorina_maiorano
    La peor aerolínea!!!! Reprograma vuelos y no devuelven en dinero - 4 months ago
  • lzgomes
    Where is my bag??? air canada does not respect the consumer..#shame - 4 months ago
  • mariewolfish
    Landing from my flight. Terrible experience with the flight attendant. Rude, aggressive and should not be working in customer service. Yet again another poor experience with Air Canada. - 4 months ago
  • kevinb.km
    #albatrosairlines - 4 months ago
  • will_etc
    @shamp_the_sheltie_schnauzer - 4 months ago
  • lau_escobar1507
    It doesn’t matter when you lose 2 passwngers’ luggage for more than 48 hours and after more than 2 months, after Sending all the documentation twice you have no intention to refund the expenses and compensation as you are legally obliged to do...such a shame! Of course I’m going to sue you! - 4 months ago
  • princessjones29
    - 4 months ago
  • ledaniam
    I will never be proud to post FlyOurFlag with this garbage airline - 4 months ago
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