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  • bradleyparker8
    I would pay 25% more to fly a different airline - 6 days ago
  • lujoshopofficial
    Fab! - 19 days ago
  • caileyanderson
    Poutine is cool but where is my bag - 20 days ago
  • boholima
    Want my@lugage back - 22 days ago
  • marharytay
    Yum🏽 - 23 days ago
  • feseldo
    tg :/ - 25 days ago
  • usalovelist
    @kheidenberger - 27 days ago
  • jaclynmodelling
    - 27 days ago
  • donmarquitox
    @aircanada is the worst airline ever...they lost my bag...refuse to give you a time frame for delivery or a phone number for the delivery service so I could coordinate with them...it is absolutely asinine...then they lied about attempting to deliver it...and now are telling me to drive to NJ from Brooklyn to pick up the bag....their customer service is absolutely horrible...they are like lifeless robots that could care less...I will do everything in my power to never fly air canada again and tell everyone to do the same - 27 days ago
  • amywhoisawesome
    Y’all should extend the date to, like, indefinitely so I can actually go - 28 days ago
  • deaftaster
    This looks so good!! 🤤 - 28 days ago
  • s_licciardi
    @davidkrumenacker - 28 days ago
  • eroseq8
    I love Canada - 29 days ago
  • reach.connie
    Delicious and clever campaign to promote Air Canada destinations. Loved the Paris and Shanghai poutines! - 29 days ago
  • nadventure
    @g_rinonos I did know about it but haven’t been yet! - 30 days ago
  • g_rinonos
    @nadventure Did you know about this?! I want to go! - 30 days ago
  • ka4wilson
    What time are they open til in the evening?? - 30 days ago
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