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  • pwilliams521
    Amen - 4 months ago
  • tropicana_beauty
    True. Amen - 5 months ago
  • rayrozay
    They not checking for that. They want men who are “worldly” - 5 months ago
  • the_vegan_and_alkaline_foodie
    My God. I know this to be true. - 5 months ago
  • juicyj0108
    PROFOUND MESSAGE - 5 months ago
  • jessikahgallegos14
    🏽 amen - 5 months ago
  • natriece.spicer
    Say alllllllll THAT a lil louder for the ladies that dont believe 🏿 - 5 months ago
  • missannie845
    - 5 months ago
  • missannie845
    - 5 months ago
  • pottlov
    @1teekababy - 5 months ago
  • vic_50
    The problem I see today, is us (including myself) single women don't want to wait on God. I have to learn that my singleness is a time to grow in my relationship with God, become the woman He created me to be and if it's His will for me to be married to be the wife (helpmate) to my husband. We want to rush into relationships because we are lonely, my biological clock is ticking and we can't wait. We have to trust God that whatever He has for us, is just for us. We shouldn't have beg, borrow, lie,, cheat and etc to be in a relationship. We serve a God of order and He will put the two of you together at the right time. Continue to work on your personal relationship with God and let Him do the rest. - 5 months ago
  • vic_50
    @sm292001 Your point of view says it all. Thanks for your posts - 5 months ago
  • sm292001
    @uniquely__c Thank you - 5 months ago
  • sm292001
    It's so sad. I feel like there is a lack of men for women because men are either in jail, married, enjoy booty hopping; some men, even the married men, choose to partner up with other men. Now this and other senerous are the reasons why there is a lack of men! It's hard when they are attracted to other men. - 5 months ago
  • sm292001
    @aniqua7 he is coming. Only God knows. I've been single for five years with kids, and I pray for a king. God knows what you want and need, and he is either waiting or preparing you and your king so that your union will glorify him. He is coming. - 5 months ago
  • sm292001
    @fit_meeky I agree - 5 months ago
  • sm292001
    Simple because someone post about the letter A, does not mean they are not aware of the other letters in the alphabet or those letters don't exist. It simply means the the post is about the letter A, not in general but only a part of what it signifies. Hope this helps some readers under a bit more when reading post. Have a great day readers. - 5 months ago
  • sm292001
    I love your posts, and I read and analyze it for what it is. I also understand that this post relates to men and their faithfulness to God. You seem to have an understanding that women also need to be faithful to God. Simple because you mentioned "Men", does not mean you are saying all men are bad, nor do I take it as you are judging. Also, im sure you are aware that women needs to serve God too. I see comments her about everything including the faithfulnes of an animal. Everything does not need to be spelled out; it's implied or has a general awareness. - 5 months ago
  • sm292001
    They do. Some woman don't realize if a man can follow, obay, and serve the Most High, his character as a servant will make him a better husband and father. If we can't serve God first in every way, we will never be able to be our best self for any other. - 5 months ago
  • vida83love
    @khawulanthabiseng I agree. - 5 months ago
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