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  • maribelmonroy7113
    - 21 days ago
  • is_dee33
    - 21 days ago
  • jen.sinclair
    So if i goto happy hr I’m not real? Lmao that’s as real as it gets ! But i think what the post is trynna say is “ if shes not out here in everyone face “🤔 - 21 days ago
  • prettyniftyempath
    I'm homebodies bff - 24 days ago
  • bam.bam.dilla
    Gotta Go out from time to time to let that extra energy out tho - 24 days ago
  • oui_mademoisselle
    @callhershelly I get that but a wife doesn’t have to be cooped up in the house just taking care of a man. She can still have fun and as long as she’s able to balance marriage and fun it shouldn’t be an issue. - 24 days ago
  • callhershelly
    @ashleyy__roseee we need to remember our place in the family. Men are frustrated with us too. We need to take our rightful place as the woman. That is defined different for everyone - which is fine. But once again no real woman is in the club popping it all the time. - 24 days ago
  • callhershelly
    @oui_mademoisselle then thats still a family and she should not be in the club/ streets all the time. She still has to “take care” of her husband. Be attentive to him. - 24 days ago
  • lorenassa
    And it’s crazy bc they’ll still wanna accuse u - like it’s too good to be true 🤦🏻‍♀️ - 25 days ago
  • aqueen_n2kings
    She a real real woman🏽 - 25 days ago
  • seanp.ingram
    @peppershaker85 - 25 days ago
  • herbagang_dva
    @beastmode_ongo - 25 days ago
  • oui_mademoisselle
    @callhershelly what if family is just her and the husband - 26 days ago
  • itsjeaneast
    @ethiopian.empress it's good for you I do that too and loving it ..the best feeling. - 26 days ago
  • _jd_hart
    A real woman!! - 26 days ago
  • rosalove2985
    🏽🏽 - 26 days ago
  • misha623
    - 26 days ago
  • chunky709
    - 26 days ago
  • dmone_
    @kingme_365 and I love it! - 26 days ago
  • labelle_rici
    🏾 - 26 days ago
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