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  • pretty.in.kink
    @pixiebitten4 But that's honestly the best part lmao - 30 days ago
  • pixiebitten4
    I love this idea, but I cant help but laugh because pinkie promises derived from locking pinkies so if you broke the promise you chopped them off, smoochy swear could mean the removal of lips and im DYING. i dont mean to be so brutal i just couldnt help with knowing the original history to pinkie promises, im sorry - 1 month ago
  • thosefictionalcrimes
    In my case my daddy and I kiss to seal promises - 1 month ago
  • alley_cat_alex13
    @pretty.in.kink awe thanks - 1 month ago
  • pretty.in.kink
    @aurora_alis13 THAT'S SO CUTE OMG - 1 month ago
  • alley_cat_alex13
    My daddy and I have one where we lock pinkies and middle fingers, because pinkies don't swear but middle fingers do - 1 month ago
  • little_lacybee
    This is adorable - 1 month ago
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