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  • loesvanoosten
    @josienbrandsdesign i knowww - 3 months ago
  • loesvanoosten
    @indigonoodle wat goed! Het helpt mij echt om de donkere periode te overbruggen - 3 months ago
  • josienbrandsdesign
    Ssssssht I'm still in denial summer is over - 3 months ago
  • indigonoodle
    Ik heb meteen zo’n lamp opgezocht voor mijn nieuwe werkplek! - 3 months ago
  • loesvanoosten
    @lizzebessie it is nice to see that we are all different, with a different experience and associations. I have never learned to love autumn and winter because i associate it with darkness and sadness. Untill i found out that the right account of day light is essential to me ️ - 3 months ago
  • lizzebessie
    I love autumn and winter and also grey and rainy days. It makes everything so quiet and still. The light during day is like a soft blanket. It warms my face without burning it. During autumn and winter I love tot be outside. In summer I mostly stay inside, because it's too hot or too rainy. So the good times are coming die me! 😀 - 3 months ago
  • brenda.kaya
    All that to say I get it... winter can be so gloomy. Is it common there to have fireplaces or gas stoves? - 3 months ago
  • brenda.kaya
    (Oops)... or fireplace in our living room. It's iron, has a window, and looks like a fire is burning. I feel like it tripled our life quality! Suddenly our grey, wintery life became glowing and gezellig! Friday nights we dragged a futon mattress into the living room, had pizza, watched TV, and slept in front of the fire with the cat! - 3 months ago
  • brenda.kaya
    I'm glad the lamp helps so much! I've heard those lamps really change lives. Here in Toronto we get such a cold winter but it's the length of it that gets so many of us discouraged. Like... 6 months of cold is a lot. Last year we got a gas stove - 3 months ago
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