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  • tommy.vallier
    @keithmcwhirter YES! That's an even better one. Wonder if I could get in at 4am for my sunrise time lapse.... - 4 months ago
  • keithmcwhirter
    @tommy.vallier :) the spot I want (but keep forgetting) to get a shot from is the 3rd floor rear window of the RCHA club. The angle/height is absolutely perfect - 4 months ago
  • tommy.vallier
    This is quite honestly my favourite shoot in the city! I want SO BADLY to get a time lapse sunrise set of these three one day - 4 months ago
  • keithmcwhirter
    From the patio at @dianneskingston ... while enjoying a margarita - 4 months ago
  • puredollars
    Where did you take this photo?😎 - 4 months ago
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