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  • elegant_lioness
    @mscomet oh really? Haha well thank you for watching! Lol I appreciate ya! - 3 months ago
  • mscomet
    Cool... yt is where I got your ig from and now following you .. thanks - 3 months ago
  • elegant_lioness
    @mscomet oh yes! That would be perfect! I was feeling the same way. Lol. here’s a link to my you tube video when i did that style. My only suggestion is to use less hair and separate as you go. I had to take out a lot of pieces once i started to separate because it was way too much. - 3 months ago
  • mscomet
    I think these 2 will work just fine for me... I’ll give it a try... it’s hot and I want short hair without cutting my own ... thanks - 3 months ago
  • elegant_lioness
    @mscomet hey girl! Yes it is! I found the curlkalon hair online but it was too expensive. The whole point of crochet is to be budget friendly lol the only downfall is freetress only has 2 curls whereas curlkalon has several. - 3 months ago
  • mscomet
    🏾 hi ... I like that ... is this instead of the curlkalon which no one seems to be able to find ... - 3 months ago
  • django.fletcher
    Beautiful - 12 months ago
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