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  • jophiephotos
    Love it - 1 year ago
  • seasaltmelb
    - 2 years ago
  • shankabout
    @pennnoir interesting point... DP's comment has helped me channel the anxiety I am feeling as I travel around South Asia. The stares I am getting has made me uncomfortable, and I can now appreciate more the difficulty of women (or others) who are intense objects of attention. In peace, S - 2 years ago
  • ashtraysbroom
    A cool thing to do and break through. I feel like more attention in all forms is going towards transgender lyfe. - 2 years ago
  • pennnoir
    I am confused Dushan. Surely you connected more with what it feels like to be transgender than a woman? - 2 years ago
  • claire_boxer
    This is the cutest - 2 years ago
  • ericachestnut
    All the - 2 years ago
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